• Project: Warehouse
  • Category: Commercial
  • Project Scope: 131,387 sq. ft. New Warehouse, Commercial Building
  • Location: E Gowan Rd & Losee Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

131,000 s.f. Warehouse

131,000 s.f. Warehouse is a North Las Vegas warehouse and headquarters of a Nevada business. It is the headquarters for a parent company of a local Casino/ Tavern Company.

With over a 100 local locations, this warehouse was necessary to home the goods and services the local company provides.

SCA Design completed the new ground up Warehouse project of 131,387 square foot located in North Las Vegas. SCA Design was responsible for the general architectural, structural and MEP classifications.  The scope of the project included site planning, details and materials, code analysis, floor plans, elevations and sections, roof plans, foundation plans, fire resistive construction plans, electrical, mechanical and plumbing plans. The warehouse building is over 800 feet long.

Warehouse Location: E Gowan Rd & Losee Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030


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Self Certification- Accelerate Building Permits in North Las Vegas

SCA Design’s principal architect Sheldon Colen has completed the City of North Las Vegas’ Self Certification Program. He is one of the 16 architects to be certified in the city to expedite architectural permits for construction documents. The program assists in accelerating the traditional plan review process for eligible development projects.

The city only offers this program to licensed professionals who are Architects, Civil Engineers, Engineers, and Landscape Architects. You must be an architect or structural engineer in Nevada with sufficient work experience to certify building plans and also satisfy the professional liability insurance requirement.  Self-certification enables a revolutionary improvement to the timeline of current architectural projects. Approval times are immensely reduced, and this offers faster service to clients. The upgrade over traditional approval times is a major milestone for services provided to SCA Design clients. We can submit planning, zoning, grading and drainage approvals to be submitted as necessary prior to the city’s intake of the plans.

Eligible projects for self-certification include interior alterations and tenant build-outs of business, mercantile, factory, some assembly, storage, and new construction of commercial buildings with occupied floor less than 55 feet above Fire Department access. SCA Design can expedite the process of plans for Tenant Improvements of Business (B), Mercantile/Retail (M), Fabrication (F) and Storage (S) with the faster permitting process.  


About SCA Design

SCA Design is a full service architectural and design firm. Sheldon Colen is lead architect. In business since 1995, we have been serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and the state of Nevada. Today, the architecture firm is licensed in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. The architecture firm offers a wide scope of design services.  Included are design-assist, design-build, and ground up design.

Over the years SCA Design has completed many tenant improvement projects, ground up commercial design, and custom luxury residential architecture designs.  SCA Design takes care to integrate ADA accessibility. Focused on the environment? We can integrate LEED and green energy planning into your design.  With a well-versed and experienced team, SCA Design does interiors, planning, drafting, blueprints for construction documents, as well as solutions for Notice of Violations (NOV). You can view a snapshot of our architecture projects when you visit our portfolio:

Under Architect, Sheldon Colen’s leadership, the SCA Design team provides an impeccable level of workmanship that goes into every spectacular architectural work of art. Learn more about the SCA Design team here.

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