September 13, 2018

Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Architect

Wondering why to hire an architect? Here are the top 3 reasons:

1. Experienced, Licensed Professional

Hire an architect: Hiring an experienced, licensed professional architect will assure you are hiring someone who sees your vision and can transform it into your dream. When you hire a licensed professional, you are also hiring their team of professionals, who will work for your best interest. A professional team means you are never left alone in the process. When you hire, you are also hiring for the highest quality of industry and professional standards. An experienced architect will have past experience to build on and will be able to connect you to the construction community to assure you have the right contractors in place for the correct parts of the job.


2. Advocate

When you hire an architect, you want to hire someone passionate about their career and your vision. As your advocate, your architect is assuring all the pieces fit together, saving you both time and money. “Architects take the full spectrum of design services into account when developing a project. They provide overall project design coordination and can develop a comprehensive package of design documents for submittal to the building department, coordinating various elements prepared by other individual design team members.” (1) You can hire an architect for design only plans or you can hire an architect that can help make sure everything runs smoothly from the start of the project with site location, permitting  and design review submittals all the way through construction and final sign offs.


3. Problem Solver

Architects solve problems before they arise. “Nevada law defines the practice of architecture as the ‘rendering of services embracing the scientific, esthetic and orderly coordination of processes which enter into the production of a completed structure which has as its principal purpose human habitation or occupancy.” (2) Applying science, esthetics and orderly coordination means your architect is following a process that eliminates problems before they arise by creating plans that are both pleasing as well as functional.

Working with an architect assures all aspects of the design are taken into consideration before construction begins. Making changes during the design phase will save you on unexpected construction costs after building has began. As a problem solver, your architectural team will be able to present alternative options that you may not have even considered and that can save you from timely delays and costly mistakes. Delivering on time and in budget project plans allows you to focus your attention in other areas.


Who will you hire as your Architect of choice?

With over two decades of experience, SCA Design is a leading local architectural firm. SCA serves Nevada and the greater Las Vegas area. We have expanded services to Utah and Arizona. As a leader in custom design-build, tenant improvements and interior design planning, Architect Sheldon Colen and his team at SCA Design are your smart choice to provide you with exceptional service and hospitality as they take your dream and turn it into a reality.

Rather it be a building design plan that awes,  a tenant improvement that impresses or a design that stuns, SCA Design will deliver on their promise of on-time and affordable services. Allow SCA Design to create a custom build plan that surpasses the expectations of the Las Vegas design and real estate critics alike.



SCA Design, LLC was established in 1995 and is a medium sized firm located at 2525 W Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 230 Henderson, NV 89052. SCA Design specializes in Residential, Commercial, Retail, and Interior Design. Visit and view the portfolio of local design projects completed. Contact us at SCA Design at 702-719-2020.



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Photo credit: Lex Photography from Pexels

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