• Project: Pama Warehouse- Commercial Building
  • Category: Commercial
  • Project Scope: 45,000 sq.ft. Warehouse, Commercial Building, 26,000 sq. ft. Tenant Improvement
  • Location: 2020 Pama Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Pama Warehouse: Commercial Building

SCA Design is responsible for 26,000 square foot of tenant improvements of this commercial warehouse for Nectar Bath Treats. This single story project has an area of 18,743 square foot of tenant improvement and 7,261 square foot of mezzanine tenant improvements. The project consists of interior remodel, addition of new columns, new beams, partition walls, new water heater, new exterior door entrance, new expansion of mezzanine office space and raising ceiling heights. In addition is includes new plumbing fixtures, emergency shower, dishwasher, sanitiser cabinet on first floor and product display tub on mezzanine floor.  The Pama 45,000 square foot warehouse is located at 2020 Pama Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, in Paradise, near the McCarran International Airport, off Sunset Road near Sunset Park.

Nectar Bath Treats is a luxurious retail brand that sells handcrafted delightful bath and body treats made in the USA, from ingredients that indulge the senses and are good for the skin.  You can find Nectar Bath Treats retail store, another SCA Design tenant improvement project, inside the Grand Canal Shoppes.

Warehouse Location: 2020 Pama Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119