November 3, 2021

Emerging Small Business- SCA Design Certification

Emerging Small Business

Emerging Small Business- Nevada Local Emerging Small Business Certification (ESB) – the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) has determined that your firm, SCA Design, meets the eligibility standards to be certified as a Tier 2 Local Emerging Small Business (ESB). ESB is defined in Chapter 231 of the Nevada Administrative Code. Certification as a Local Emerging Small Business in Nevada is valid for 2 years. Congratulations on another renewal.

Nevada Emerging Small Business

Connect with us for Emerging Small Business Needs

SCA Design is available to work with you for your government contracts for design services. We frequently work with contractors and other emerging small business or DBE certified firms to provide services for large contracts including master planning, design, construction documents and consulting.

About SCA Design- More than an Emerging Small Business

SCA Design is a full service architectural and design firm. Sheldon Colen is lead architect. In business since 1995, we have been serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and the state of Nevada. Today, the architecture firm is licensed in Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Arizona. The architecture firm offers a wide scope of design services.  Included are design-assist, design-build, and ground up design.

Recently, the firm has been certified by the Clark County Building department to provide PERMIT NOW services, saving construction companies and project and land owners weeks, if not months in the building permit process. To learn more about SCA Design PERMIT NOW, click here or call 702-719-2020. SCA Design provides similar services for projects that fall into the North Las Vegas jurisdiction. It is through the SELF CERTIFICATION program. You can read more about self certification here.

Over the years SCA Design has completed many tenant improvement projects, ground up commercial design, and custom luxury residential architecture designs.  SCA Design takes care to integrate ADA accessibility. Focused on the environment? We can integrate LEED and green energy planning into your design.  With a well-versed and experienced team, SCA Design does interiors, planning, drafting, blueprints for construction documents, as well as solutions for Notice of Violations (NOV). You can view a snapshot of our architecture projects when you visit our portfolio:

Under Architect, Sheldon Colen’s leadership, the SCA Design team provides an impeccable level of workmanship that goes into every spectacular architectural work of art. Learn more about the SCA Design team here.

Need an architect for your next project? Learn more what you need to know about hiring an architect first.  Give us a call at 702-719-2020, we are happy to consult with you at no cost.

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