July 11, 2019

Accelerate Architectural Permits in North Las Vegas- SCA Design

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Need architectural permits approved for construction? How do you accelerate the architectural permit process? Permits for architecture projects usually take weeks, now, SCA Design can get them approved in as soon as four days.

Accelerate Architectural Permits

SCA Design’s principal architect Sheldon Colen has just completed the City of North Las Vegas’ Self Certification Program. He is one of the 16 architects to be certified in the city to expedite architectural permits for construction documents. The program assists in accelerating the traditional plan review process for eligible development projects.

The city only offers this program to licensed professionals who are Architects, Civil Engineers, Engineers, and Landscape Architects. You must be an architect or structural engineer in Nevada with sufficient work experience to certify building plans and also satisfy the professional liability insurance requirement. After a one-day (8-hour) class that costs $1,500, a licensed professional obtains the ability to self-certify projects accelerating the permitting process. The certificate needs to be renewed annually. Self-certification enables a revolutionary improvement to the timeline of current architectural projects. Approval times are immensely reduced, and this offers faster service to clients. The upgrade over traditional approval times is a major milestone for services provided to SCA Design clients.

Schedule and Plans

SCA Design Self-Certification Capabilities

With this new certification, SCA Design is taking on more ambitious projects during the coming months. We can submit planning, zoning, grading and drainage approvals to be submitted as necessary prior to the city’s intake of the plans. Eligible projects for self-certification include interior alterations and tenant build-outs of business, mercantile, factory, some assembly, storage, and new construction of commercial buildings with occupied floor less than 55 feet above Fire Department access. SCA Design can expedite the process of plans for Tenant Improvements of Business (B), Mercantile/Retail (M), Fabrication (F) and Storage (S) with the faster permitting process  (Colen’s registration number is Reg.# 1905-051). 

About SCA Design Architecture Firm

SCA Design offers design-assist plans, design-build plans, tenant improvement, commercial design, residential design, multi-family residential, retail design, hospitality design, casino design, ADA, medical and health care design, sports entertainment design, remodeling design, conceptual design, and green energy planning design, interiors, planning, drafting, blueprints, and solutions for Notice of Violations (NOV). Sheldon Colen and his partner Gary Carlson have over 70 years of combined experience. Together, they have completed 3600 projects ranging from residential/custom homes, restaurant design, retail, and warehouse buildings. As a certified emerging small business, the future of SCA Design is more expansive and ambitious than ever before. Its rapidly growing team is eager to provide quality projects, on-time services, and professional guidance within budget. 



Established in 1995, SCA Design, LLC, is a medium sized architectural and design firm. SCA Design is located at 2525 W Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 230 Henderson, NV 89052. SCA Design specializes in Residential, Commercial, Retail, and Interior Design. Visit and view the portfolio of local design projects completed.

Contact Nickel Lowman at SCA Design at 702-719-2020, for media related questions and inquiries.





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