• Category: Interior Design
  • Project Scope: INTERIOR DESIGN
  • Location: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho


Interior Design is about transformation through exquisite color, texture, décor elements and sensual aspects that trigger an emotional expression, sparking a rich feeling worth returning to.

Designers help create functional, sustainable, beautiful designs by determining use and function through allotted space. Designers then select decorative design items to incorporate. This  includes materials, lighting, colors, fixtures, and furniture to marry into the space. The result… exquisite transformational design.


SCA Design presents stunning residential design, retail, restaurant, casino and commercial architecture, with exquisite interior design, provided through on time, and in budget quality services.

Interior Design Trends & Styles

The SCA Design architectural team is knowledgeable of current trends and emerging styles in both commercial and residential design.  Each  year, the design world collaborates and releases new and exciting design trends and style guidelines. After a design consultation, we can provide sample materials that will be incorporated into your architectural masterpiece.

Space Planning

As part of your design consultation we will discuss the desired fixtures and equipment to be incorporated into your space. When our experienced team of architectural drafters layout your design, they incorporate the appropriate measurements to assure space planning is correct from the beginning, avoiding expensive change orders. We can create space planning for every room or just the rooms you find you need a design consultant for. Our space planning skills assure efficient space arrangements.

Color Balancing in Design

Design consulting requires an awareness of current trends and styles as well as a deep understanding of color balancing. Color balancing can make or break the look and feel of a room or design space. Matching the perfect color scheme with your design personality will assure you will fall in love with the new space. Complimentary colors and color combinations are incorporated in the design with color relationships that astonish even design professionals.

Interior Design Fabric & Material Selection

Your design consultant will work with you to determine the best fabric and material selection from the ground up and everything in between. Quality fabrics, draperies, upholstery, wood, finishes and tiles are integral to the design of the space.

Interior Design Software

Our team of experienced drafters and designers use the latest industry software and tools to design your residential and commercial projects alike. Integration of software assures a perfect fit.

Building & Electrical Codes in Design

When you meet with your SCA Design consultant, rest assured, they are aware of the necessary building and electrical codes to  design your space and get it to pass building inspections.

Communication & Client Services

As part of your interior design consultation, our team will communicate  with the client, vendors, architectural design team, and general contractor to ensure the work being performed is to the expectation of the client.