December 13, 2019

Las Vegas Architect Sheldon Colen Featured in Jewish Reporter

In today’s digital world, so much ephemera of yesterday fades away. Lost forever. Dozens of magazines have gone out of print. Many media outlets have closed their doors. History stores only as much information as we allow it room to sit on book shelves or in our memories. In an ever changing society, with digital phones at our fingertips, and cloud storage holding tight to the memories we choose to upload, we think it is fitting to make sure we are documenting our past, digitally. We want to be able to reflect. And share it with our future.


Las Vegas architects at SCA Design have been witness to the changing technology and landscape of the city. They have also been a part of changing the landscape. In December of 2008, Architect Sheldon Colen was featured in the Jewish Reporter, Volume XXXIII, Issue 20. The article was published before the publication went out of business and “its final issue came out for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) in September 2009.” (1) Colen, a Las Vegas Jewish architect, was featured as part of the cover story. Added as an EXTRA SPECIAL SECTION, the story was located in the METRO MENSCHES section. The section was dedicated to “surprising and colourful stories and articles about ordinary people who add to the character of the city.”(2)


There was nothing ordinary about this story or Sheldon. The writer describes how Sheldon, a Jewish boy at age 14, entered and won a design competition. At age 15, as a freshman in high school, his house design was being built. Definitely not the norm. Sheldon got an early start on a career that he loves. He was “born to design.”


The article documents his journey working for Tate and Snyder Architects (now TSK- Tate Snyder Kimsey). This is where he worked on his first project, the Mormon Temple. (This is where he also met his now business partner, Gary Carlson.) He learned a lot and brought a lot to the company as he introduced CAD to the business. Sheldon went on to work for Richard Youngblood (now of TWS Architects). Then in 1995, Sheldon opened his own company, SCA Design.

Sheldon Colen, has been in business as SCA Design for 24 years. With over 38 years of experience, he has designed many remarkable and notable custom homes, luxury estates and commercial buildings. SCA Design survived the Las Vegas recession and has built a stable, profitable and growing business over the years. The team of 13 designs over 200 projects each year. Notable projects include work with El Portal, The Iconic Boulevard Mall, La Collina Italian Restaurant (now Lindo Michoacan), Foster Residence, The Mona Residence aka The Falls, Foster-Garret Home, (featured in the Las Vegas Parade of Homes) and countless others.

THE FULL STORY (and throw back picture):

Although you can no longer flip through the pages of the Jewish Recorder to find this story, you can keep scrolling and read about this EXTRA edition.  Sheldon still goes to Disneyland when he needs an inspirational break. Take a look… and Cheers to the memories and story-writers that have helped record our history. And Happy Chanukah!

las vegas Jewish architectlas vegas Jewish architect






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