• Project: The Boulevard Mall
  • Category: Commercial
  • Project Scope: The Boulevard Mall Remodel
  • Location: 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy in Paradise, Nevada, 89169

The Boulevard Mall- Reimagined

SCA Design is currently working on taking a long time Vegas landmark and bringing it up to the 21st century.  Working closely with the new owners, Sansone Ventures, SCA Design is re-imagining various uses throughout the mall.  There will be a new facade, revised traffic flow with in the mall, new restaurants and many more improved additions over the next few months.

Located at 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy in Paradise, Nevada, is The Boulevard Mall, a SCA Design Tenant Improvement and Redesign Project currently under construction. The Boulevard, as its name has been shortened in the recent past, is known as the historic and “Iconic Las Vegas Mall.” It is the closest mall to the Las Vegas Strip, it is a community hub and know for family fun and some of the best bargains in Las Vegas. Many of the recent renovations are impart to the work that SCA Design has done to help makeover the Vegas landmark.

After being developed in 1965, she lost her luster over the years and is now being brought back to life with specialty retailers, entertainment and restaurants. “The Boulevard now boasts a new softer color scheme that emphasizes the beautiful architecture of her time, mid-century modern. Our improvements will include a full-scale exterior renovation and expansion of the front entrance to include a number of new casual dining restaurants with a cozy outside seating area for great people watching. Our new landscape design and beautiful regal Date Palms line the parkway and lead the way to many changes to come. Our changes will set the stage for a one of a kind place to mingle, socialize and enjoy a day with your family. It doesn’t matter whether you are a local or just visiting our fine city! We are changing, just you wait and see!” (1)

The Boulevard Mall sits on  75 acres of land. “It is a single-story mall with 1,180,000 sq ft of lease-able retail space. The mall has 140 stores, of which there are seven anchor stores (Goodwill, John’s Incredible Pizza Company, Marshalls, 99 Ranch Market, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (an SCA Design project), Headz Up, and Sears).” (2)

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported: “It (The Boulevard Mall) underwent a $60 million, two-year expansion and renovation in the early 1990s. Henderson-based Sansone Cos. bought the mall for $54.5 million in November 2013. (3)

Location: 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy in Paradise, Nevada, 89169


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