March 20, 2022

Architecture – Public Works and Local Government Projects

Professional Consultant Services- Architecture – Public Works and Local Government Projects

SCA Design is honored to be on select list of prequalified, exemplary and sometimes exclusive lists as select architecture Public Works and local Municipal Jurisdictions for outstanding professional consultant services- architectural.  Qualifying as a prechosen architect allows SCA Design to be awarded work without going through a long review process before a job is a awarded and can begin, expediting the implementation of projects on capital improvement plans.

SCA Design currently holds a seat with for Professional Consultant Services- Architecture – Public Works and Local Government Projects with the City of Las Vegas, City of Carson City, Clark County Nevada and the City of Boulder City. SCA Design often partners with these jurisdictions and other engineers on Request For Qualifications (RFQs) and with Contractors  and Developers for Request for Proposals (RFPs) needing concept design, site plans,  and architectural design, construction documents and other architectural services.

City of Las Vegas- Architecture – Public Works

July 2020-June 2022

City of Las Vegas Architecture - Public WorksSCA Design has qualified as an on-call architect for The City of Las Vegas. The City of Las Vegas Public Works Department’s Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) process occurs on a biennial basis generating category-specific lists to provide a variety of professional services needed to support upcoming Public Works projects. The 2018-2020 SOQ cycle (ending June 30th) had resulted in approximately 91 professional services contracts worth $34.3M with an average award of $375,000.

This SOQ provides professional architectural services (including sub-consultants as necessary) for the design and/or construction of various building projects and associated on-site work, for new construction, remodels, additions and restorations; capability to provide 3-D modeling of facilities; may include programming, reports, studies, surveys, master planning, schematic design, design development, construction documents, permitting, bidding assistance, construction administration, and project management; experience in projects requiring LEED certification; ability and willingness to provide services under design-build or construction management-at-risk delivery methods.

City of Carson City- Architecture – Public Works/ Engineering


City of Carson City - Architecture - Public WorksSCA Design is an on-call architect for the City of Carson City. The intent to establish an on-call list of qualified consulting firms for various disciplines for 2020 through 2022 to support various public infrastructure and facility projects that are programmed over the next few years. The list may be utilized beyond 2022 at the discretion of the City Engineer. The professional service contracts resulting from this request will only be used on local or State funded projects. All Federally funded projects require separate request for proposals (RFPs) for professional services. In accordance with Nevada Revised Statute 625.530, Carson City utilizes a qualifications-based selection process for the procurement of professional services. The SOQ process helps the City to expedite the implementation of projects on our capital improvement plan.

RECOMMENDATION FOR SELECTION will be made by the Public Works Department based on the evaluation results of the City Review and Selection Committee.

Provide professional architectural design and support services, which may include, but not limited to: design and preparation of construction plans, specifications and bid documents for various City-owned facilities and/or associated site work, for new construction, remodels, additions, and restorations.  Public infrastructure and facility projects that are programmed over the next few years.

Clark County, Nevada- On-Call Architect

2020 On-call Professional Services

Clark County Nevada Architecture - Public Works RPM

On‑call professional services will involve SCA Design assisting Clark County Department of Real Property Management Design and Construction (RPM D&C) in pre‑design services such as visiting sites, meeting with end‑users, and preparing a scope of work and opinion of probable construction cost.  Other services may include, but are not limited to minor design, contract documents preparation, etc. Each project will be addressed separately for required drawings.

2020-2121 Real Property Management Design and Construction (RPM D&C) On-Call Professional Services for the period through June 30, 2020 (Fiscal Year 2020). Covid continued to 2021.

City of Boulder City- Architecture – Public Works

March 2021-2026

city of boulder city Architecture - Public Works

SCA Design has qualified as a firm specializing in architecture Public Works and Utilities – including disciplines in Architecture, Engineering and Design disciplines. Our intent is to maintain this list of qualified companies for use in future projects in the City of Boulder City. Scopes of work and fees for future services will be negotiated at the time of the project notification.




About SCA Design

SCA Design is a full service architectural and design firm. Sheldon Colen is lead architect. Since 1995, we have been serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and the state of Nevada. Today, the architecture firm is licensed in Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Arizona. The architecture firm offers a wide scope of design services.  Included are design-assist, design-build, and ground up design.

Over the years SCA Design has completed many types of projects. Included are tenant improvement projects, ground up commercial design, and custom luxury residential architecture designs.  SCA Design takes care to integrate ADA accessibility. Focused on the environment? We can integrate LEED and green energy planning into your design. Experts in interiors, planning, drafting, and blueprints for construction documents. SCA Design also provides solutions for Notice of Violations (NOV). Today, you can view a snapshot of our architecture projects when you visit our portfolio:

Under Architect, Sheldon Colen’s leadership, the SCA Design team provides an impeccable level of workmanship that goes into every spectacular architectural work of art. Learn more about the SCA Design team here.

Need an architect for your next project? Learn more what you need to know about hiring an architect first. Give us a call at 702-719-2020, we are happy to consult with you at no cost.

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