June 8, 2021

Summer Business Institute Intern


My name is Isis Michelle Coreas. First, I am part of a number of high school graduates who are taking steps into adulthood. Secondly, I’m chasing after the best career decision-making and learning with those who’ve gone through success. Freshman year as a kid, I followed around my best friend everywhere all the time. Therefore, I walked into classes that weren’t mine. As a Silverado High School sophomore, I found a life-impacting class. I met Ms. Jackson, a teacher from the class Employed Skills, involved with J4NG. From a stranger to a club member for a club she was in charge of, I was a student of hers for the next two years. After life advice and great memories, an opportunity would come, the Summer Business Institute (SBI).


“Why do you think you would be a great fit for the Summer Business Institute?” Simply, a flyer of the SBI program handed down was all it took for me to realize this summer should be different, busier to the least. The SBI program helps out Clark County School District students from sophomore year to high school graduates as Clark County employees. However, the SBI program is in the span of eight weeks with sessions of life skills training, business mentoring, and financial management. In addition, SBI Program Coordinator Kaveida Beasley-Allen provides awards, recognitions and scholarships.


The worksite assigned is for an architectural company, SCA Design. Dreams from the age of 15 would be completed by Sheldon Colen in 1995. Architectural projects and work types ranging from commercial, casino, restaurant, interior, residential and retail. With the company, my role is to work in marketing and business development. Additionally, I am getting the word out about how great the company is on social media with Marketing and Business Development supervisor Nickel Lowman.


In conclusion, I would’ve never saw myself at the SBI. Firstly, I’m one step closer to being successful and working with SCA Design. Secondly, I’m much more productive in the summer. Sheldon Colen happens to be a Disney fanatic. “Where every mile is magic!” Similarly, I’m taking every mile at a time to see this magic. In addition, I’m fun with the impossible. As Walt Disney says, “It’s kind of fun to do THE IMPOSSIBLE.”

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  1. I’m a current SBI intern and I love being part of the SBI program! Here at SCA Design, I have learned new skills such as web design and various marketing strategies. #SheldonColen #Architecture #Design #SCA #SCADesign

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