July 15, 2023

SCA Design Welcomes New Construction Administration Hire

SCA Design Welcomes New Construction Administration Hire

SCA Design welcomes a new hire to help support the newly created Construction Administration Department. After years of managing administration by the project management team – it was time to expand. SCA Design is excited about the most recent hire and precedence she will create. 

Impressive New Hire Construction Administration Joins SCA Design

Reina Avalos Construction Administration SCA DesignReina Avalos comes from California with extensive job experience in office settings. Starting out of high school, Ms. Avalos participated in a medical assistant program. After receiving her degree from Newbridge College, she obtained several receptionist and assistant positions, then she was promoted to Senior Administration and management positions. 

Through her 10+ years of job experience, she has built an impressive skill set. Ms. Avalos is well informed on office management, carpentry, construction estimation, fire and water restoration, and construction project management.  Moreover, Ms. Avalos is bilingual in Spanish and English, detail oriented, determined, articulate, and a good multitasker. At SCA Design Ms. Avalos has a newly created position in the company. In her new job she helps with administrative tasks, projects, and organization of data.

Ms. Avalos is a proud mom of 4 children and 2 grandchildren. She enjoys place hopping to activities like observatories and amusement parks with her family. While she looks serious at first, Ms. Avalos has a good sense of humor and is fun to be around. SCA Design is happy to have such a talented person fill the newly created role and knows that she will be an invaluable asset to the company.

About SCA Design:

SCA Design presents stunning luxury residential architecture design, commercial architecture, with exquisite interior design, provided on-time, and in-budget services. Under Architect Sheldon Colen’s leadership, we provide impeccable levels of workmanship that go into every spectacular architectural work of art. SCA Design is a small-medium sized Architecture firm licensed in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Idaho.

Since 1995, SCA Design has been providing architectural plans and design services that create lifestyle experiences. Offering architectural design services including design-assist, design-build, ground-up architecture, tilt-up construction, commercial design, residential design, retail design, shopping center design, hospitality design, casino design, tenant improvement,  major remodel, ADA, medical health care design, sports entertainment design, remodeling design, conceptual design, green energy planning design, interiors, interior design, planning, drafting, construction documents, land planning, land entitlements, rezoning, master planning, architectural renderings, and space planning. Architecture services include Cannabis facilities, smoking lounges, grow houses, cultivation, retail, and apothecary kitchens.  

We are happy to team up for your government contracting, federal, local, and regional projects.  We work with current and local code to design/submit permit ready plans for submission to jurisdictions.

Expedited Plans- Sheldon Colen is 1 of 6 architects in Nevada authorized to prepare CDs and stamp them with Clark County Building Department Approval to Build via PERMIT NOW. He is 1 of 16 architects certified in North Las Vegas to expedite architectural permits for construction documents. We assist in accelerating the traditional plan review process for eligible development projects. Save weeks! Maximize ROI! Build in record saving time with 

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