March 25, 2021

SCA Design recognized by Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development

sca design architectClient Success Story Southern Nevada – SCA Design, LLC (Henderson, NV)



SCA Design, LLC, founded in 1995 by Sheldon Colen, is a certified Nevada Local Emerging Small Business (ESB) specializing in architectural and design services, including but not limited to concept design, remodel, re-design, renderings, master planning, special projects, tenant improvements, commercial projects, project management and residential/multi-family. The company is licensed in the State of Nevada and is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. The company is also licensed to do business in the State of Utah, Arizona, and Idaho.

Over the past 26 years, Sheldon Colen has cultivated a customer base, including private and government sector customers that is the envy of the architectural and design services industry. The company’s founder, Sheldon Colen, and his professional team of architects and technical experts, bring over 70 years of combined expertise to the architectural and design services industry that result, in a sustained completion of approximately 200 architectural and design projects each year. SCA Design can be considered as a source of choice for any prime contractor or government customer seeking architectural and design services or teaming endeavor. As a result of Sheldon’s team of experts’ steadfast commitment to delivering value-centric, on-time services, coupled with his best value offerings, the company was awarded the below prime contracts. The company’s Nevada business continues to play an important role in the revitalization of Nevada’s economy by winning government contracts and contributing to job growth. Based on the award of the prime contracts below, the company was able to retain 11 full-time jobs.

The company has won the following prime contracts:
(1) One prime contract awarded by the City of Boulder City, NV, to provide professional architectural services for the city’s aquatic center master plan
(2) One prime contract awarded by Clark County, NV, Department of Real Property Management (RPM), for Goodsprings Justice Court remodel
(3) One prime contract awarded by Clark County, NV, Department of Real Property Management (RPM), for Stephanie Campus Automotive Shop Women’s Restroom remodel

The Nevada PTAC has been and continues to be an invaluable partner in the success of the company. In addition to the Nevada PTAC’s bid-match services that provides access to numerous potential contracting opportunities, Government Contracts Advisor John Rice has provided and continually provides sage contracting advice, on-time assistance, actionable counseling and client follow-up that has proven beneficial to the success of the company. In addition, John often alerts the company to potential contracting opportunities that they might otherwise overlook.

We congratulate Sheldon and SCA Design on their achievement, and we wish them continued success in the

SCA Design recognized by Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED)

Procurement Assistance & Outreach (PTAC) recognized SCA Design as a Client Success Story in the March 2021 Newsletter.

Emerging Small Business Program (ESB)

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