November 20, 2018

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Savings

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ENERGY STAR Commercial Kitchen Equipment can save you money. Do you know we can help you save money when you have us design your kitchen with energy efficient products? One way to earn savings is to incorporate energy saving commercial kitchen equipment. SCA Design is involved with the powershift program by NV Energy and when you participate, you can earn back valuable savings.  When we design your plans we can incorporate the products that will earn you money back.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment




Did you know that SCA Design will design building and kitchen plans for your commercial kitchen needs? We can spec out only the best and most energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment. Generally, cooking appliances will account for an estimated 12% of the electric bill.

Commercial Ice Machines-

When we spec an ENERGY STAR rated commercial ice machine, you can expect approximately a 15% energy savings and a 10% water efficiency savings. This often translates into approximate annual savings of $110. on utility bills and a savings of 410 a year on reduced water usage.

Electric Steam Cookers-

ENERGY STAR rated electric steam cookers can be up to 50% more efficient than a cooker not rated  and can save a commercial kitchen an average of $510 per year on utility. The water savings on ENERGY STAR steam cookers can save up to 90% or more of the water used, saving up to 37 gallons per hour.

Commercial Fryers-

ENERGY STAR rated fryers can be up to 30% more efficient than the non rated models.  This can equal a savings of approximately $120 per year.


Energy-saving Project Examples

• A Las Vegas casino/hotel retrofit its ice machines with CEE Tier 2 equipment.
-Estimated annual kWh savings: 20,538
-Rebate received: $1,550

• NV Energy Steve Diner’s Kitchen replaced its fryer with two high-efficiency fryers.
-Estimated annual kWh savings: 2,331

• A hotel retrofitted an older steam cooker with a high-efficiency electric steam cooker.
-Estimated annual kWh savings: 11,166
-Rebate received: $750

Source: Content taken from NV Energy site

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