November 12, 2018

Stop the Bleed- Local Architect helps out

If someone were bleeding to death in front of you, would you know exactly what to do while waiting for emergency responders to arrive?

December 6th, the SCA Design Team will all know what to do and how to stop the bleed. Las Vegas Architect and principal, Sheldon Colen, AIA, is investing in our team of 10 at SCA Design. He has scheduled for us to be in training a the UMC Trauma Center to learn what it takes to help make a difference. Sheldon treats us like family and has created a true community where we work. Sheldon shared the below email to let us know he scheduled us for the training. As a result of his well designed plan, we will all become helpers.

Look for the Helpers…
From Sheldon:

“To all the helpers:

Some of you may remember Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  On it he explained that his mom told him, in time of emergency you should always look for the helpers and go to them.  She said there are always helpers.
As we have all read or watched there are many acts of violence in this country.  So I thought how best can we all be prepared and to be ready to be a helper if we are ever in the right place at the wrong time.
There is a program out in this country called Stop the Bleed.  Its basically packages or kits that are designed to allow someone to help others who are in a time of need.  Each package has clotting cloth, tourniquet and other various items.  I have bought each of you a kit to keep in your car or back pack.  Also, I have arranged a class for us all to learn how to use all these items and be there for others (or maybe even for ourselves).
The class will be on December 6th from 12 – 1.  We will all go down to UMC and attend class, I will then be taking us all to lunch.  Please clear your schedule to be at this, I feel you may just be able to save a life. “
When I read the above email from Sheldon, it was clear and another reminder why I love working for him.  The team will be ready to help out in times of need. In fact, we are holding a donation drive to help families that have lost everything in the Paradise, CA Camp Fire.
Look for the Helpers. Become a Helper. Make a difference in your neighborhood or in someone else’s.

Become a Helper…

” UMC Trauma Center– has provided Stop the Bleed training to more than 6,680 (people), offering detailed information about how to stop life-threatening bleeding. If you are interested in taking free training, please call Healthy Living Institute at UMC 702-383-SELF (7353). Or, if you would prefer to arrange a private training for your organization, please email”



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