January 8, 2019

Local Architect Invests in So. Nevada- Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

SCA Design invests with The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA)

The Las Vegas Global Economic AllianceSCA Design becomes one of LVGEA’s newest emergent stakeholders.  

December 2018— This month SCA Design invested in what the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance is doing to grow the global brand, sustainability, quality of life, local advantage and pro-business development in Las Vegas. “It’s a commitment to the future economic stability of southern Nevada for generations to come” states Vice President, Investor Services & Development, Terrence Thornton. (1)

What is  Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA)?

“The LVGEA, otherwise known as Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, is Southern Nevada’s regional development authority — a public-private partnership dedicated to developing the economies of greater Las Vegas.” (2) The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance works to diversify the economy and attract, retain, and expand businesses in Southern Nevada. As a community-supported 501(c)6 nonprofit entity, none of its work is possible without the generous support of its investors. (3)

Why we invested in LVGEA

SCA Design joined the Alliance to support local business growing in the area, and to support business that are looking to relocate to Las Vegas. SCA Design is a local architectural firm dedicated to the growth of local community. Our business is based on designing buildings, residential properties and designing commercial space. Without local architecture, the community would be at a building hault. With the high demand placed on the construction industry, it’s beneficial to have a local connection. SCA Design has been designing Las Vegas since Sheldon Colen was in high school in the 1980’s.  Colen is a great local connection to have as he has been in the area for 50 years.

Seeing Las Vegas and Henderson develop over the years has been amazing; it’s important that we keep investing locally. Nickel Lowman, Director of Business Development for SCA Design said “Vegas took a big hit when the economy shifted with the great recession, we can help curb another hit by investing locally and bringing jobs to the area. The LVGEA supports a growing local connected regional community. And that’s what we do at SCA Design. We design community. And we build relationships through community.” (2)

Relationships through Connections

Having local connections in the community is helpful when you want to build. Since construction labor is lacking, it’s great that we have the construction partnerships and relationships that we do at SCA Design. “The Associated General Contractors of America released a workforce survey that shows 79 percent of Nevada companies are having a hard time filling both salaried and hourly craft positions.” (4) That means if you have a construction project, you need to know someone that can get it done. SCA Design has built those local relationships.

Skilled Construction Worker Shortage

The below charts show the median wage for construction workers as reported through the LVGEA dataportal and the total number of workers in the workforce. With 67.2K workers, the Southern Nevada area is “lacking by an estimated 10,000 workers to build the planned projects in the pipeline.” “Build Your Future — an initiative by the National Center for Construction Education & Research meant to bolster recruitment — estimates that Nevada will need some 90,000 new construction workers over the next three years.”(5)


Construction Worker Shortage- Solutions in Relationships

One way to help remedy the construction worker shortage is to hire an architect before you get started. When you employ an architect in the beginning of a project, time and costs can be best allocated. When you do this “all aspects of the design are taken into consideration before construction begins. Making changes during the design phase (rather than during the construction phase) will save you on unexpected construction costs after building has began.” Unexpected delays slow down construction adding to worker shortage. Understanding the role of an architect will save you time and money (6), ultimately helping with the construction worker shortage.

As a local architect, with local connections, Sheldon Colen and the team at SCA Design can help recommend a construction company that is reputable and has the skills for the job. “As a partnering architect, we have done work with many local construction companies over the years and have good working relationships in place” says Lowman. “We are fostering these relationships and developing new ones everyday.”

SCA Design and the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA)

SCA Design and The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance are here to support you  and your business as you grow in and around Las Vegas and Henderson.  Give SCA Design a call as you consider developing your business in Southern Nevada or relocating your business to the area. We can help with all stages of the growth plan; afterall, we DESIGN for a living and believe in investing where we live and work.

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