November 5, 2018

Ascaya Architect builds custom luxury home- Testimonial

Ascaya Architect: Client Testimonial- Las Vegas, Nevada

Architect Sheldon Colen and his team at SCA Design are responsible for the design of this luxury, custom home in Ascaya. The clients share their experience and gratitude below in the following client testimonial.

“A work of art and a place of comfort”

3 Talus Ct., Henderson, NV 89012 SCA Design Firm“My husband and I had heard horror stories about the stress and conflict involved in building a house but decided to take a chance.  We were honestly intimidated by the project — we’d never built a house before.  The first architect we interviewed had a very complex process, including a 36 page questionnaire.  We glanced at the first page of that loathsome document and decided we didn’t trust the outcome.   But then we had a meeting with Sheldon Colen of SCA Design and our confidence was restored.  Sheldon sat down with us in our home and we talked about what we loved, what we disliked, what we thought we needed and how we typically lived.  He scribbled a few notes but that wasn’t the convincing thing — he listened.  Really listened.  We walked him through our days and nights.  Since both my husband and I worked out of our home, our surroundings were extra important.  We’re real homebodies; we wanted a house that was at once a work of art and a place of comfort.  I told Sheldon I wanted my house to hug me.  

“From raw dirt to dreams becoming reality”

3 Talus Ct., Henderson, NV 89012 SCA Design FirmThe very first sketch established that he hadn’t missed a word of what we said.  Every suggestion he made reflected our lifestyle.  I don’t know how he did it, but the design perfectly reflected our taste as well.  Even the building process was easy and when we had an issue or even changed our minds about something, the SCA (Design) team stepped up and made the process effortless.  SCA Design took us from raw dirt to dreams becoming reality.  It’s been two years now and we still enjoy every day in our beautiful home.  And we are grateful every day that we found SCA Design — professionals with goals that are much deeper and more enduring than just beauty.”  

Ascaya Custom Luxury Home- Portfolio

View this spectacular Ascaya home and other custom homes by visiting our portfolio.
3 Talus Ct., Henderson, NV 89012 SCA Design Firm 3 Talus Ct., Henderson, NV 89012 SCA Design Firm3 Talus Ct., Henderson, NV 89012 SCA Design Firm3 Talus Ct., Henderson, NV 89012 SCA Design Firm

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