April 16, 2021

Boulder City Community Pool Facility

Architect Sheldon Colen of SCA Design featured in Boulder City Review regarding proposed Boulder City Community Pool Facility. Community to vote on the fate of the existing Boulder City Community Pool in June 2021.

Boulder City Community Pool- Proposed Facility


Boulder City Hires SCA Design to evaluate cost vs. benefit:  Repair to Existing Facility or to build a Newly Designed Boulder City Community Pool Facility

January 2021, a contract for services between the City of Boulder City (the “City”) and SCA Design (the “Consultant”) was executed, to provide services to deliver a cost estimate to construct a new Boulder City Community Pool facility located in Boulder City, Nevada, 89005 (the “Project”). The project includes reporting on current facility expectant life, use and needed upgrades to keep current facility operational for a period of time.


After signing the Aquatic Center Master Plan Design Consulting Professional Service Agreement, SCA Design reviewed reports and created a team. Review of data and reports from the City were evaluated. Exploratory findings of current facility were documented. SCA Design engaged with a team of professionals who make up the project team. The project team consists of the Architectural firm- SCA Design (Consultant), a qualified pool consultant- Aquatic Design Group; mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineer- Engineering Partners, and cost estimator- RLB.


The team was brought together to discuss preliminary findings and determine items of question needing further research when on site. January 2021, key team members visited the site, each respectively making visual inspections of current conditions. Staff led a tour of the facility and provided current and historical information of current use and knowledge of the facility. Additional site visits were conducted.


The consulting team discussed findings and outstanding needs to including code violations and necessary upgrades that would be required if work were to be done on said facility. Further exploration through demolition and documentation of conditions maybe necessary if work proceeds.


Cost to Rehab and Repair Existing Boulder City Community Pool (band-aid approach)

Each consultant created respective reports, narratives and preliminary architectural drawings to report the findings and recommendations. The team delivered on schedule. Summation reports were provided in March.

SCA Design provided a cost estimate of $6,690,613.00+ to repair the existing facility and “band-aid” the current facility should the community choose that option. The report specifically calls out life, health, safety and accessibility issues for staff and community using the pool in current state. In June, voters will have the opportunity to decided how to move forward.

Cost Estimate to Construct New As Designed Boulder City Community Pool

As part of the overall master plan review, recommended scope was provided. Consultants drafted rough plans that were evaluated for general cost estimate of a new building. The final project includes data and exhibits. The Consultant was on time to present reports and drawings for this portion of the project. The cost estimate provided an “as-designed” option with optional amenities. The estimate came in at approximately $21 million.

Recommendation- New Boulder City Community Pool

April 13, 2021, Architect Sheldon Colen of SCA Design appeared in front of City Council to answer any outstanding questions they had regarding the report findings and recommendations.  The architecture firm presented a rough cost estimate of $21 million dollars for a new facility that would include 2 pools. In comparison, there was an estimate of nearly $7 million to make repairs to the existing facility and basically put a band-aid on the existing facility.

The benefits of the 2 new pools and  new facility allows for additional programming year-round to include Competitive Swimming, Fitness Swimming, Lap / Recreational Swimming, Masters Swimming, Learn-to-Swim Programs, Competitive Water Polo, Recreational Water Polo, Recreational Synchronized Swimming, Kayak Lessons, Scuba Lessons, Lifeguard and Swim Instructor Training, Red Cross Training, Public Safety Training, Deep Water Therapy Programs, Fitness Classes, Small, Medium and Large Group Classes, and One-meter springboard diving. The indoor pools make for year-round programming. Important to note: The 35 Meter Pool can support local, regional, and state championship swim meets and can serve multiple swim teams practicing simultaneously. The pool can support both a 25-yard and 25-meter floating goal water polo field of play. The pool can also support two (2) water polo teams practicing simultaneously. Maximum occupancy 430.

The Recreational Pool supports additional programming complimentary to the 35-Meter or 25-Meter choice.

It is the professional opinion of SCA Design, that it is in the best interest of the City and Community to move forward with a Newly Designed Pool Facility vs. band-aiding a 40+ year old facility.

Voters will decided in June the fate of the Boulder City Community Pool. (And we all know how well band-aids stick to water.) You can view the reports by visiting the Boulder City website page for the Community Pool Project

Renderings of the Newly Proposed Boulder City Community Pool

Boulder City Community Pool Architect SCA Design Sheldon Colen


About SCA Design

SCA Design is a full service architectural and design firm. Sheldon Colen is lead architect. And we have been serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and the state of Nevada since 1995. Today, the architecture firm is licensed in Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Arizona. The architecture firm offers a wide scope of design services.  Included are design-assist, design-build, and ground up design.

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