January 14, 2021

Architects at SCA Design Launch Arizona Operations with New Scottsdale Office

Old Town Scottsdale Office

Arizona Welcomes Architect- Sheldon Colen of SCA Design

This week, Las Vegas based Architect, Sheldon Colen of SCA Design, will open a Scottsdale office to expand current Architectural and Interior Design services to Arizona. Nickel Lowman, Regional Procurement and Business Development Manager, is leading the expansion operations.

The firm is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada just outside Las Vegas at 2580 St Rose Parkway. The expansion office is located at 7527 E. First Street, Suite 9, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251. Scottsdale will be the second physical location for SCA Design, but the Arizona expansion is just one of three states where SCA Design offers architectural services, including Nevada, Utah and now Arizona. Although the newest office is in Maricopa County, the firm can operate throughout the state with an Arizona architects license.

Sheldon Colen Las Vegas Architect architectural and design team
Architect Sheldon Colen

Sheldon Colen knew he was destined to a career in architecture when at 15 years old he was commissioned to design and oversee the construction of a home. After winning numerous state architecture contests throughout high school, he continued his studies and received a certificate in Architecture & Design (1986). Starting practice in 1986, he has had a long and fulfilling career. In 1995, Colen opened SCA Design. In 2010, Colen partnered with architect Gary Carlson. With 70+ years of combined experience between them, the 2 architects and team of 9 have broad experience that allow them to provide stunning commercial and residential architecture, organized planning, and development with exquisite interiors. The team takes pride in finishing on time and in budget, while providing quality services. A certified Local Emerging Small Business, SCA Design completes approximately 200 architecture and design projects per year under Colen’s leadership.

Colen has successfully combined his experience in all aspects of architectural disciplines to assist his clients in bringing to life innovative, functional projects with a watchful eye on budgets to achieve their goals.

Colen has designed some of the most luxurious homes in all of Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2019, two of the homes Colen designed, resold as 2 of the top 5 highest priced resale homes in Vegas.

Sheldon has completed work on notable commercial projects such as the Las Vegas Temple, Re-Imagination of the Iconic Boulevard Mall, a 1965 Vegas landmark, and many others.

SCA Design does private and public works projects. They have qualified and are an On-Call Architect for Clark County, NV, for The City of Carson City and The City of Las Vegas.

SCA Design specializes in land development, ground-up and tenant improvements, design-bid-build, design-build, commercial, office, retail, c-store/carwash, casino/hospitality, industrial/warehouse, coffee/restaurant design and residential design projects.  For more information or to view a sample portfolio, visit

Arizona- SCA Design is currently working on a residential project in Scottsdale, and a commercial project in the pre-design phase at Stellar Airpark in Chandler, AZ.

SCA Design

2580 St Rose Parkway, Suite 305

Henderson, Nevada 89074


SCA Design

7527 E First Street, Suite 9

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251



Media Contact:

Nickel Lowman

NV: 775-553-6050

AZ: 480-788-1716

Las Vegas Review Journal picked up and published this article here. 

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