November 13, 2018

SCA Design Team Collecting Donations- CAMP Fire

Devastating Fires Destroy Northern California Homes and Businesses- Collecting Donations

CAMP FIRE Donations— Northern California is on fire. The CAMP Fire has destroyed over 113,000 acres, 6,453 residents, 260 commercial structures and is currently threatening 15,500 additional structures.  There are 29 confirmed deaths (one of the deadliest fires in California history). The Butte County fire is currently only 25% contained. And containment is not expected until 11/30/18- still 20 days away.  (Updates can be found on the CAL FIRE website). While many Southern areas are also buringNorthern California is close to my heart.


As a native Sacramento resident, I am very familiar with the area just north of home that is on fire and currently threatened by the spreading fire. Yuba City is (currently- as of the date of this post) the closest evacuation location for many of the residents fleeing the Paradise area. I have family there and in Sacramento (an hour away) that are affected by the heavy smoke and ash. The streets are lined with traffic as the California Fire Refugees are relocating to safe areas, many with nothing but the clothes on their backs. 

An AH-HA Moment

After coming home from the grocery store with heavy bags in my arms and waking up to a chilly house this morning in Vegas, it hit me! It hit me hard. What am I complaining about? I have plenty of fresh food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in, a hot shower to relax in, a closet so full of clothes that the rod broke last week and a heater that can be flipped on in seconds to warm the chilly house and I’m not content? I had a heart check moment, and it hit me again. I can do something to help. We all can.






Friends and family are sharing and posting pictures of the destructive CAMP Fire and are sharing needs for those who have lost everything. Seeing these pictures broke my heart. I need to act quickly and do something. So what to do…


I’m grateful to have an amazing job at SCA Design where I have the week off for Thanksgiving. I will be traveling (by car) to the area for the holiday and can bring donations with me.  I reached out to Sheldon, our amazing Architect and Boss and he said I could share and use our social outlets to help grow awareness. If you are reading this and can help, please consider doing whatever you can.

SCA Design is collecting the following and will be shared with individuals in need. Donations need to be received by 11/15 for 11/16 travel to the affected area. Space is limited as I drive my honda  civic 9.5 hours north. So please be mindful of the limited space.

Donations of the following will be collected:

-Dry/ canned food, including formula

-New underwear/bras/socks

-Hygiene items, including baby items

-New/ gently used winter coats, and hats

-New/ gently used sleeping bags and blankets

– Gift Cards

-Cash donations will be accepted but are not being funneled through a charity, so you may choose to donate directly to the charity of your choice or I can purchase items on your behalf (If I do this they are not tax deductible).

Donations Due by 11/15

Call/Text Nickel at  775-553-6050 with questions and information as to where to drop donations.



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