• Project: The Boulevard Mall
  • Category: Commercial
  • Project Scope: Facade Makeover/ Remodel
  • Location: 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy in Paradise, Nevada, 89169

Facade Makeover-

A facade makeover is a great way to give an old building a fresh look. Facade is architectural design that sets the tone for the rest of the building. The aesthetic enhancements fuel trans-formative investments and promote higher standards of redevelopment in depressed areas/buildings.  Facades include painting the entire building. Adding decorative architectural elements, adding and enhancing entrances, and sides of the building.  Construction includes installation and/or renovation of awnings, marquees, doors, windows, signage, display window lighting, tiles, signs, and landscaping. Improvements to adjacent sidewalks and parking lots are often included to meet design standards.

The Boulevard Mall- Facade Makeover

1965 Vegas Landmark- SCA Design is responsible for the architectural facade makeover of The Boulevard Mall. The mall was long overdue for an update. Updates were made to the mall in 1990, when prior ownership invested $60 million for expansion and renovations.  In 2013 the mall sold to Sansone Ventures for $54.5 million. SCA Design has worked closely with Sansone on the project since its purchase. Many of the recent renovations are impart to the work that SCA Design has done to help makeover the Vegas landmark.

“The Boulevard now boasts a new softer color scheme that emphasizes the beautiful architecture of her time, mid-century modern.” (1) The improvements include a full-scale exterior renovation and expansion of the front entrance to include a number of new casual dining restaurants with a cozy outside seating area. The landscape also has a new design. Regal Date Palms line the parkway and lead the way to many new changes, including a revised traffic flow.

The Boulevard Mall is located at 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy in Paradise, Nevada.  It is the closest mall to the Las Vegas Strip.  The area is very walk-able and located near many community amenities and public transportation. The mall has 140 stores, of which there are seven anchors (stores) (Goodwill, John’s Incredible Pizza Company, Marshalls, 99 Ranch Market, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (an SCA Design project), Headz Up, and Sears).” (2) The Boulevard Mall sits on  75 acres of land. “It is a single-story mall with 1,180,000 sq ft of lease-able retail space. Known as a community hub, the mall has family fun and some of the best Las Vegas bargains.

Scope of Work:

Scope of work included the following

– Preparation of design schemes for client’s approval.
– Preparation of bid sets. Send to bid. Help client with bid comparisons.
– Preparation of construction documents.
– Coordination of expedited plan-check for building permits.
– Coordination of traffic control with contractors during the different construction phases. 
– Shop drawing reviews for contractor.
– Onsite progress (bi-weekly) meetings with contractors.

Location: 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy in Paradise, Nevada, 89169

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