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Custom Home Concept

Each dreamer has their own vision. We help your vision come to life. We can create a custom home concept plan to help it become a reality.

As Walt Disney says, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Your custom home concept is designed with your lifestyle and dreams in mind. No two custom home properties are alike and yours should not look or feel like someone else’s. (Otherwise, you would just buy a tract home). Our award winning architect, Sheldon Colen, works with you to take your unique vision and create a plan that can be functionally built. Next, when fine-tuning is complete (to assure the functionality has been met), we can move forward. Then, Sheldon can work with you to bid the construction to a qualified contractor.

Contact an Architect First

It’s important to make contact with an architect early. In fact, make it your first step. Why? Taking the first steps to have a home designed by a licensed architect will help you save valuable time and resources when selecting a contractor.

Save Time and Money on Your Custom Home Concept

Contacting an architect as your first step will save you time and money. Let’s take a look at how we can save you both…

Saving Time on your Custom Home Concept:

Time is money. By saving time, you streamline the process. You can move forward with less time spent on unnecessary communication with multiple parties. An architect can charge a flat rate for design, and may have an hourly fee as well.

Work directly with the architect: Keeping communication direct with the architect helps turn plans over quicker, eliminating timely delays. Allow the architect to be creative without the interference of a contractor. An architect won’t be on site telling the contractor how to put up dry wall, your contractor should not be telling the architect how to design your floor plan, ceiling plan or elevations, etc… When everyone stays in their own lane, you will move forward in the same direction.

Communicate directly with the architect: Don’t allow your contractor to be an intermediary. Communication gets jumbled when 3rd parties are involved. Communicating directly with your architect allows for clear understanding. It allows for question and answer interactions. Communication is often what is said and unsaid.

Simplify: Regardless if you have a complex design or a simple one, keeping the design process simple, keeps the relationship you have with the architect simple. Don’t over complicate things.

Saving Money on your Custom Home:

Don’t select a contractor until your concept has been turned into a plan.

How do Contractors charge: Contractors charge fees based on an overall cost of the project. How can a contractor quote price if they don’t have the design to base it off of? A contractor can not accurately bid your project until plans are complete. Be cautious of a contractor that gives you a number without plans. Their fee may be artificially inflated or underestimated.

Money Saving Tips:  Once your concept plans are complete, you can have the contractor bid (accurately). SCA Design can help you with this. Understand, a contractor charges for cost of permits, cost of materials and subcontractor work performed.

Bidding Based on the Plans: When plans are complete, present the plans to the contractor for bidding. Contractors spend a lot of time bidding jobs. Save them time by only having them bid on the final design. When you save a contractor money, they should be passing the savings back to you. Don’t get in contract with someone who will later increase the price or charge for unnecessary change orders.

Meet the man who can help make it happen… Architect- Sheldon Colen, SCA Design

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