• Project: Apartment Building
  • Category: Multi-Family / Apartment
  • Project Scope: 3 Story, 44 Units, 11,480 sq. ft. on .95 acre
  • Location: On Charleston Boulevard, in Las Vegas

Apartment Complex & Multi-family Homes

SCA Design Architects can turn your concept of apartment complexes and multi-family homes into a design dream, to meet the housing shortage and your investment needs. Affordable housing is on the rise as many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with stagnant wage growth nationwide.


The demand for multi-family housing is at a 30-year high, according to a 2018 mid-year Freddie Mac report. (1) As the single-family and multi-family housing market supply remains low, the demand for apartment complexes has increased. Vacancy rates are low and rents have increased. (2) The National Low Income Housing Coalition states in a 2018 report, Nevada as the 24th state out of reach state with a $8.25 minimum wage, and an average renter wage of $16.84 and a 2 bedroom housing wage of $18.59. 45% of Nevadans are renters. More affordable apartment building housing is necessary in Las Vegas. 

Charleston Apartment Complex- Concept Architecture

Multi-family building is 3 stories, with 44 units, and is 11, 480 square feet on .95 acres.

Location: Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV


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References: (1-2) http://www.freddiemac.com/research/pdf/2018-mid-year-outlook-report.pdf

Original concept provided to SCA Design for rendering, construction document creation and building  permits.