July 17, 2020

Las Vegas Interior Design

Las Vegas Interior Design by SCA Design Architecture Firm

Las Vegas Interior Design professionals present concept boards to create visual demonstrations of what could be.

Concept Board 1 – “Valle Verde” Modern Style

Las Vegas Interior DesignThis design proposes a modern “refresh” design relating to the name “Valle Verde” and using warm neutral colors with accents of green and gold throughout.  First: The Gaming area flooring is to be a mixture of carpet and vinyl plank, and proposed wall wainscot throughout in a warm wood tone laminate or tambour style paneling with either light gold paint or wall-covering above. Second: Wall-covering and carpet selected are more modern and clean line in pattern. Third: Decorative lights proposed at the bar and gaming are also modern in style, in clean black finish. Finally: Restrooms and back of house areas for both design concepts are neutral in gray tones, salvaging existing toilet partitions if possible, with new finishes per the attached image board. Also proposed is a new lavatory station (all in one equipment).


Concept Board 2 – “Spanish Bordello” Chic Style

Las Vegas Interior DesignThis design proposes to use darker colors with pops of rich red color and intricate design patterns. First: Flooring to be a mixture of carpet and vinyl plank, and walls to have an optional 4’-0” wood wainscot throughout with either wall-covering or paint finish above. Second: In keeping with the existing ceiling design and framework, propose to use decorative ceiling tiles throughout gaming areas offering a more intimate and decorative environment. Existing soffits and columns to be painted in dark red. Last: Decorative pendant lights are proposed to be added along the bar area in black and gold tones, with larger pendant lights throughout gaming area, specifically at the main entry and above card gaming tables.


SCA Design- Las Vegas Interior Design

Las Vegas Interior Design and ArchitectureEstablished in 1995, SCA Design, LLC, is a medium sized Las Vegas architectural and design firm. SCA Design is located at 2525 W Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 230 Henderson, NV 89052. SCA Design specializes in Residential, Commercial, Retail, Interior Design and Tenant Improvement Projects. SCA Design presents stunning residential design, retail, restaurant, casino and commercial architecture, with exquisite interior design, provided through on time, and in budget quality services. Visit and view the portfolio of local design projects completed. Give us a call at 702-719-2020.

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