December 3, 2018

Gingerbread House Architecture-Holiday Tradition

When was the last time you built a gingerbread house?

Did your gingerbread house look as cool as this one?

Originating in Germany in the 16th century, gingerbread making has been around for centuries and is a holiday tradition. In the US, gingerbread architecture has been around for years. It is often led by Grandma or Auntie during overnight visits. When the visiting kiddos have nothing better to do to occupy their down time, the cookie project gets underway.  Families sit around and adhere candies and confessions to a gingerbread cookie and construct it into a house. It’s like a Christmas miracle if the candies actually make it onto the house design rather into the mouths and bellies if the joyful kiddos.

Over the years the holiday pastime has gained popularity. In recent years, it has a made a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The largest gingerbread house was constructed at the mall of America in 2006. In 2013, Bryan, Texas become known for the largest gingerbread house “coming in at 35.8 million calories and covering an area of 2520 square feet, or nearly the size of a tennis court, (and) 21-foot high…” beating the 2006 record. The house was so large, it actually needed a building permit to be constructed.

Gingerbread House Architecture

If you have ever built a gingerbread house, you know there’s an easy way and a more complicated way to do it. Buying a prebaked kit allows for quick assembly because of walls that are well proportioned. This can be related to a “tilt up building.” If you have baked your own, you know the process is a bit different. It’s more of a design-build process, where it is important to have all the plans and dimensions in place. Keeping in mind, that gingerbread expands when you bake it, so having a trusted recipe makes a big difference. If you want to avoid the typical building delays, having a tried and true architectural and design plan in place, is key.

Regardless of your plan, we suggest you involve the kiddos in the fun and memorable tradition.

We completed a Pinterest and Google searched and found our favorite designs and wanted to share with you.

Gingerbread Architecture

Gingerbread Architecture

Gingerbread Architecture






Gingerbread Architecture

Gingerbread ArchitectureGingerbread Architecture






Traditional or unique in design, Gingerbread houses are changing as are  design styles.

Gingerbread Architecture
Gingerbread house- healthy version

As the world plumps up, some have taken the building and design tradition and turned it into a healthier version, using carrots and celery. I can assure you, the kiddos coming over to this Auntie’s house definitely prefer gumdrops and royal icing to broccoli, carrot sticks and ranch dip. How about at your house? What will your gingerbread house look like this year? Post below and show us your unique designs.






Images Sourced from Google and Pinterest


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