August 15, 2019

Expedite Building Plans- Las Vegas Launches Electronic Plan Review; Get North Las Vegas Plans approved in 4 days

Expedite Building Plans, Las Vegas & North Las Vegas

Expedite Building Permits
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Two Programs help expedite building plans. First, the City of Las Vegas launches electronic plan review. Secondly, North Las Vegas works with Architects and Engineers to self certify, getting plans approved in 4 days.

The architecture, engineering and construction industry continues to evolve. Architects are no longer drawing everything by hand. Technology is leveraging the industry. Local building departments see that the permitting process is slowing down local development. With new systems in place, the City of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas are creating processes to help expedite building plans.

Accelerate Building Permits- Las Vegas

“City of Las Vegas Building and Safety Department announced all new applications for building permits must be submitted electronically.” (1) PDF files can be submitted through their website. Electronic plans were accepted starting June 18. Projects submitted on paper before the August 5 deadline will stay as paper submittals. The City said it is moving to electronic submittals; this will allow for more efficiency. It will allow for 1. Concurrent plan reviews 2. Reduce the need for paper storage 3. Provide greater flexibility for customers and 4. Provide customers with cost savings on time and printing. (1) Depending on your project scope you may choose to submit yourself or you can work with your licensed Las Vegas Architect to do it for you. At SCA Design, we understand how we can help save you time and do it for you.

Expedite Building Permits- North Las Vegas

It’s called “Self Certify.” The City of North Las Vegas has a program for architects, engineers, and landscape architects to self certify eligible projects in 4 days. 92) Eligible projects include: 1. Interior alterations and tenant build-outs, 2. Mercantile, factory, some assembly, and storage and 3. New construction of commercial buildings with occupied floor less than 55 feet. This means Las Vegas Architect Sheldon Colen of SCA Design can expedite the process of plans for Tenant Improvements of Business (B), Mercantile/Retail (M), Fabrication (F) and Storage (S) with the faster permitting process. The architect takes on additional liability, but you get a faster turn around. You can read more about the self certification and expediting of building permits in North Las Vegas here.

Expedite Building Plans Las Vegas Architect
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