• Project: Apartment Architecture Multi-Family Residential Development
  • Category: Multi-Family / Apartment
  • Project Scope: 48-unit multi-family development on 1.93 acres
  • Location: 1851 N. Walnut & E Tonopah Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89115

Donna Apartment Architecture & Interior Design

Apartment Architecture

Apartment Architecture Multi-Family Development located at 1851 N. Walnut Drive, 48-unit multi-family development on 1.93 acres. The developed parcels in the surrounding area have similar zoning and planned land uses. It provides opportunities for diverse housing options to meet the needs of residents of all ages, income levels, and abilities. High-density multi-family living as an alternative lifestyle to single family homes. It’s an opportunity to invest in and care for established neighborhoods.

Infill and Redevelopment: Encourage infill development and redevelopment in established neighborhoods through flexible standards and other regulatory incentives, while promoting compatibility with the scale and intensity of the surrounding area. Establish more detailed guidance in conjunction with periodic updates to planning area land use plan maps and area-specific goals and policies. The multi-family development is on a vacant parcel in an established neighborhood. The project conforms to Sunrise Manor Goals and Policies. Neighborhood Revitalization: Encourage reinvestment and revitalization of older neighborhoods in Sunrise Manor that is compatible with existing development. Targeted infill should support more varied housing options-type, density, and price point-that allow residents to remain in the neighborhood regardless of age, family structure, or income. The multi-family development is an additional housing option in the neighborhood that currently offers mobile homes, single-family homes, and lower density multi-family residential.

Housing Access: Concentrate higher-density housing in areas with access to existing or planned high-frequency transit, major employment centers, existing infrastructure, and other services.

Apartment Architecture Building & Amenities

There are 2 proposed multifamily buildings on the site. Building A will be 25,576 sq. ft. Building B will be 21,007 sq. ft.  The design intent, color scheme, and finishes are to harmoniously blend with the existing developments in the surrounding area. The site is accessible from N. Walnut Drive via a driveway and E. Tonopah Avenue.

All parking is to be illuminated by new 20-foot-tall shielded down-light posts to eliminate any light pollution outside of the site, to comply with Clark County regulations. Additional wall mounted lighting will be provided along the perimeter of the buildings which will help illuminate the walkways surrounding the building, making these building a safe and illuminated environment.

Adequate landscape is being provided in the form of terminal islands, landscape fingers, and landscape buffers where parking occurs, as well as open space adjacent to the buildings. All plants being used are low maintenance, low water, and native to Southern Nevada, complying with the regional SNRPC plant list.

There are 2 proposed trash enclosures, which will have 6-foot-high CMU walls finished to match the proposed buildings. An open lattice cover over the trash enclosure will be provided which consists of tube steel beams and columns to compliment the site and building. Landscaping will be provided surrounding the enclosure for screening purposes, although still illuminated by a light pole to keep it safe for residents and away from vandalism.

This multi-family development will help supply the high housing demand throughout the valley and complement the existing residential area.

1851 N. Walnut & E Tonopah Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89115

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