• Project: Land Entitlements
  • Category: Concept Architecture
  • Project Scope: Amending, Rezoning, Zoning Variances, Permits, Utility & Road Approvals
  • Location: Nevada, Utah, Arizona

Land Entitlements

Land entitlements are agreements between a property owner and government municipalities that allow for land development.

SCA Design Land Entitlements

SCA Design architecture firm will work on your behalf to submit for land entitlements. As your architect, we will work with you and local jurisdictions (throughout Nevada, Utah and Arizona) to submit the appropriate applications and supporting documents for approval and permitting. SCA Design guides real estate investors, developers, site owners through the vexatious land entitlement process. We help you get a faster return on your investment and land development.

You need to consider a few things with land entitlements. Amending to change the current use for a piece of land could be required. Rezoning, zoning variances and special permitting requirements are all taken into consideration. Utility and road approvals may also be necessary.

Sample Requirements for Las Vegas, Nevada- Land Entitlements

Each jurisdiction in each county and state has their own requirements. For example in Las Vegas they have their own process, application and requirements. We frequently work with the Clark County Planning Department, City of Las Vegas Planning, Henderson Planning Departments, and Boulder City. Each architectural project type also has its varying requirements.  After assembling the required materials we schedule to file the appropriate application.  We have all the intel to know the time saving steps to help you get processed through quickly. For example in Clark County, to save time on the review process, we may decide to submit for building permits, grading permits or a business license (as applicable) at the same time so that the permit can be issued as soon after the Commission hearing is possible. You take a look at the complex application process for Clark County here. 

Depending upon the application type, we may be scheduled to appear at the Town Advisory Board. We may need to attend a Citizens’ Advisory Council (TAB/CAC) for the area. Clark County Planning Commission and/or Board of County Commissioners meetings may also be required. We do this and appear on your behalf. Because attendance at scheduled meetings is mandatory, we prepare in advance to best support your project. This helps to avoid timely delays and extra expenses.

Once applications have been decided upon, we work to make sure all architectural conditions are met. This allows for the occupancy permits or business licenses to be issued.

Entitlement Application for Major Projects

Here are some sample application types:

  • Pre-application Conference
  • Draft Concept Plan
  • Major Project PFNA (Draft, Final)
  • Specific Plan
  • Land Use Plan Map Amendment
  • Development Agreement
  • Planned Community Overlay District

Some of the submittal requirements could include:

  • Application
  • Disclosure Form
  • Fire Permit Survey Form
  • Site Plans
  • Draft/Final Plan Reports
  • Development Plan Maps
  • Zoning Maps
  • Vicinity Maps
  • Assessor’s Maps
  • Legal Description
  • Deed
  • PFNA Acceptance Letter
  • Resolution Letter
  • Pre-Application Conference Summary
  • Development Schedule
  • Reports
  • FAA Submittal

We do the work for you when you hire us for the land entitlement process. Give us a call if we can help you as you seek new property for future building and development. We will work with you through site evaluation and coordinating with planning and government entities.

Concept Architecture & Site Design- Land Planning

We will design a concept that works for you. We help bring your commercial or residential concept to life. As part of the land entitlement process, you will need sketches of your proposed design. You will also need a proposed site design. You can view some of our concept designs when you visit our sample concept architecture portfolio.

About SCA Design

Established in 1995, SCA Design, LLC, is a medium sized Las Vegas architectural and design firm. It is led my Architect Sheldon Colen. SCA Design is located at 2580 St. Rose Parkway, Suite 305, Henderson, Nevada.  SCA Design specializes in Land, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Interior Design and Tenant Improvement Projects. In addition to architectural design, we do land entitlements, programming and master planning. We have a team of registered interior designers on our team. We are happy to create renderings and visual representations of project designs, custom to your needs and project goals. SCA Design is a multi-state architectural firm, licensed in Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Meet the team and let us know how we can support your land development.